Up to 145” SCI


146 – 159” SCI


160 – 179” SCI


180 – 199” SCI


200 – 219” SCI


220 – 239” SCI


240 – 259” SCI


260 – 279” SCI


280 – 299” SCI


300+” SCI

Individually Priced

This is a question we are often asked. It depends on the type of weather conditions you prefer, and what works for your schedule. We start hunting right after Labor Day in September and go until the middle of January. September weather will be the warmest, with highs often around 70 degrees. The last week in September and the first week or so of October are the peak of the fall colors. Cool temps and great scenery!! October is generally a little cooler with highs in the 50’s – 60’s. By the end of October the rut is beginning and will go into the first few weeks of Nov. That is always a fun time to be in the woods since the deer are just nuts! Very entertaining! It is an opportunity to see behavior you only read about. 

Usually by Thanksgiving we have our first snow that will stay. December and January are the times to come if you are interested in a snow hunt. Everything changes once the rut is over and there is snow on the ground. Deer movements change and the woods is very quiet with the snow and absence of leaves. So the bottom line is, the best time is whatever is best for you!!!

Our hunts are 3 days and 3 nights.  For example, if you arrive by Noon on Monday, you would hunt that evening, all day Tuesday and Wednesday, and leave mid-day on Thursday. Everything is included in the price of your hunt – your lodging, meals, guide, caping out the deer so it is taxidermy ready and processing the meat. We will pick you up at the airport as well at no charge. If you prefer to travel without a gun, we have ranch rifles you can use at no charge. We also have a rifle range where you can sight in your gu

To reserve your dates we ask for a deposit of $1000 per hunter. You don’t pay anything else until you have taken your deer. We can accept credit cards and do charge an additional 3%. Otherwise we can accept checks, cash or money orders. Just call us at (715) 508-2508, fill out our online form, or email us at to book your hunt. We suggest the earlier the better if you are looking for a specific time frame.